An Academic team competing across the country
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what we do

Bring leaders together

Traveling Conferences

Competing in international collegiate conferences across the country. Training our delegates to cooperatively address a wide range of global issues.

On Campus Activities

Events focused on the international and multi-cultural facets of our university. Bring people together to promote international cooperation.


Providing a venue for the next generation of diplomats. Our middle/high school conference brings together students from across Tampa Bay.

our Mission

An International Coalition

Above all, The Model United Nations Team at the University of South Florida is focused on engaging students with their local and international communities. We seek to provide our members with the necessary skills to succeed in whatever career path they choose by cultivating an environment that engages critical thinking, writing, and oratory skills. Our MUN team is also focused on promoting education to high school and middle school students throughout the Tampa Bay area by helping local schools become more internationally aware. Each year we host a Bulls Model United Nations Conference which gives students the opportunity to participate in the MUN community and help foster their interests in international affairs. In addition to our endeavors in our community, the USF MUN team is very active on the USF Campus. We have partnered with other international organizations, like DHAIR, in order to reach out to international students and refugees to provide them with the support they need to succeed. It is our goal to bring awareness to the various issues that affect international students on campus.

The USF MUN team also seeks to provide our members with the opportunity to travel to colleges nationally, and one day globally, to compete in MUN conferences. As a team, our recent goals are to attend the MUN conference in New York City this spring. The Model United Nations Team at USF is an organization unlike any other. We bring together students from various majors and professions to assist each other in fostering friendship while providing a unique education experience.


see what we are doing

The core mission of our traveling team is to compete in the yearly model UN competition in New York City. NMUN is an international conference that tests the students international affairs knowledge.

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We take pride in hosting BMUN for some of the brightest Florida middle/high school students. BMUN Spring of 2018 will be hosted on March 2, 2018. We hope to see you there!

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Get to know us

Coming Soon

Our newly elected board of directors provides our organization with a diverse mix of MUN,
and logistical talents who are dedicated to the mission of the UN and the success of our students.

The Team

Our experienced and award winning traveling team continues to surprise participants with its rapid successes.
Taking 1st place in FMUN 2015, our first traveling conference, was a momentous moment that made USF MUN a force to be reckoned with.

The Staff

Providing a competitive learning experience for our BMUN delegates is our priority.
We work throughout the year to ensure that our topics and the BMUN experience is as realistic as possible.